Robotic Technology Development Center, MJRobots



MJRobots is founded in 2015, MJRobots also aims  to be

  • One of the major Robotic Information Centers throughout the world.
  • A supplier of Robotic Products

MJRobots is a platform which opens its doors to all Academics, Students, Entrepreneurs, Universites, Institiutes and all Individuals and Corporations.

MJRobots Vision


New technologies configure the world rapidly, every day. In this reconfiguration, while communites that “create innovation” are guiding the change and managing the future, the others are trying to keep up with this change.

In this new world, “Change and Innovation” are provided with R&D studies. Societies are trying to come up with this innovation faster, and get ahead, by forming clusters in Technoparks they build.

Hereby, MJRobots arise in such a world, as a Technopark that specialize on Robotic Technology. Therefore, MJRobots intends to be one of the focals of Robotic Technology and Information, by  setting forth within a global point of view.



Over the past century, Robotic Technology evolved, and expanded its borders by collaborating with varios scientific disciplines.  Yet, this progress has been comparatively slow, lacking of technological infrastructure ans resources we have today.  Besides, commercial operations have kept these techologies secret, thus prevented them from spreading out. However, in todays world, major developments, which will affect the pace of Robotic Progress, are showing themselves.


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