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SM-S3317SR Robot Servo 360 Rotation


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SPRING SM-S3317SR Robot Servo 360 Rotation For Robotics

The SpringRC SM-S3317SR is a small-sized servo that has been built specifically for continuous 360 deg rotation (up to 80 RPM at 4.8 V)  creating a compact and easy to use motor/gearbox combination for mobile robotics applications.

This servo produces a fair amount of torque (2.1 kg-cm at 4.8 V), features two ball bearings on the output shaft for reduced friction and offers easy access to the rest-point adjustment potentiometer. Essentially, it is a gear motor that can be controlled by an RC servo controller. It is not normally used as an actuator, as there is no way of commanding it to move to a particular position, as a standard RC servo does.

The servo provides proportional speed and directional control from any standard PWM output such as a radio-control receiver or micro-controller.

To simplify set-up, this servo has a zero/rest point screw adjustment.

The servo has a 30cm long lead terminated in a standard “JR” style connector (compatible with most RC receivers).

Servo includes servo horn set and fixing screws


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