Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe LM35DZ


Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe LM35DZ Temperature Probe sensor Module Arduino

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There are many different package types LM35. At room temperature, LM35 does not require the amount
Outside the calibration process can be achieved by ± 1/4 ℃ accuracy. The power supply mode of a single negative dual power supply with two, the pin is shown in Fig, positive and negative dual power supply mode provides a negative temperature measurement; two configurations of the quiescent current – temperature relationship, in the stationary self-heating effects in low temperature (0.08 ℃), single-supply mode quiescent current at 25 ℃ approximately 50μA, wide operating voltage, available in 4-20V supply voltage range work very power.
Operating voltage 4 ~ 30V, the voltage within the above, the current drawn from the power chip is almost constant (about 50μA), so that the chip itself is almost no problem of heat dissipation. Such a small current also makes the chip is particularly suitable in some applications, such as in battery powered applications, the output can be removed by the third pin, no need calibration.
Currently, there are two models of LM35 can provide use. LM35DZ output is 0 ℃ ~ 100 ℃,

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The probe uses new imported LM35DZ temperature sensor chip, the chip were used for each pin shrink tube separated to prevent short circuit, internal sealant, waterproof!

High quality stainless steel pipe anti-rust waterproof package

Stainless steel housing (6 * 50mm), lead length 100cm

Operating voltage 4.0V ~ 20V

Temperature range 0 ℃ ~ +100 ℃

Be powered by a single 5V supply, 0 ℃ when the output is 0 V, is increased by 1 ℃, the output voltage increases 10 mV

No external components, the unique single-bus interface

Output leads: Red (VCC), yellow (DATA), black (GND)


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